Bend Tech Pro 7x Tube & Pipe Bending Software Tube Bender

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Bend Tech Pro 7X Tube & Pipe Bending Software Tube Bender

Bend Tech Pro 7X Tube & Pipe Bending Software Tube Bender   Bend Tech Pro 7X Tube & Pipe Bending Software Tube Bender

If you own a draw type tube bender, at some time you will have wasted time and material miscalculating bend starting positions. Bend-Tech tube bending software makes the job fast, easy and accurate to within 0.01mm. The Bend-Tech range starts with EZ-2D for the occasional user making 2D parts, through EZ-3D to PRO for a professional making multiple bends in different axis on motorcycle frames, roll cages and full chassis production.

At the bottom of the page is a comparison chart to help you choose. All Bend-Tech programs are designed for users with zero CAD experience and as such don't use X, Y & Z co-ordinates which can confuse, and instead use terms such as FLOOR, CEILING, FRONT, BACK, LEFT & RIGHT. To create a program the user selects the appropriate template from the library, inserts tube dimesions and wall thickness, chooses angles, lengths and die radius and the product is displayed on screen with a graph to show bend starting positions and rotation angles. Simply print it off and away you go.

On the EZ-3D and PRO versions the user can custom build a model from scratch. The PRO version even calculate and prints notching templates for you to work from.

Bend-Tech PRO was introduced with their assembly interface which has taken the market by storm. Bend-Tech spent countless hours observing and asking questions to customers on how they would like to see PRO work. The customers wanted the power but didn't want the learning curve and frustration that comes with a standard CAD system. They pealed back the pillars of standard CAD thinking and put together an interface that is logical beyond belief.

Most customers are comfortable with full assembly design in less than 2 hours. Again don't let the learning curve fool you, customers are designing entire fabricated tube chassis the first night they sit down with the software. Which program is for me? As you will find the Bend-Tech product line is based upon levels. Each level of product will contain all of the features and functions from its lower levels plus the functions that defines itself. So as an example; Bend-Tech SE will contain 100% of the function of Bend-Tech PRO, plus have the functions as seen in the chart below that separates itself. On the left hand side of this page please find some general statements which may help you to determine which product is best for you. The chart below shows general functions within the software and may help you to understand the differences between our levels of product. Customer Defined Tooling & Material Library. Cut Length & Weight Results.
Start, End or Center Bend Results. Easy to follow Printed Setup Sheet. Add Material for Post Bending Cutoff. Save Part Files to the Hard Drive. Zooming, Panning & Rotating of 3D Shaded Model. Flip Tube in Mid Production. Rotational input for Custom Part.

Multiple Dies for Single Part. Angle & Rotation Output Tolerances up to 3 Decimal Places. Unit conversion in XYZ interface. The item "Bend Tech Pro 7X Tube & Pipe Bending Software Tube Bender" is in sale since Thursday, June 29, 2017.

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Bend Tech Pro 7X Tube & Pipe Bending Software Tube Bender   Bend Tech Pro 7X Tube & Pipe Bending Software Tube Bender